Module js-plugin-nft-storage - v0.19.1

NFT.Storage Plugin for the Metaplex JavaScript SDK

This plugin provides a storage driver for the Metaplex JavaScript SDK that uses NFT.Storage to upload assets.


npm install @metaplex-foundation/js-plugin-nft-storage


Once installed, you can use NFT.Storage as a Storage driver for the Metaplex JavaScript SDK like so:

import { nftStorage } from "@metaplex-foundation/js-plugin-nft-storage";

This will default to using a derived authentication token from the current identity of the SDK.

If you have an explicit authentication token you wish to use, you can pass it in like this:

import { nftStorage } from "@metaplex-foundation/js-plugin-nft-storage";
metaplex.use(nftStorage({ token: "my-nft-storage-token" }));

Additionally, the nftStorage plugins accepts the following options.

  • identity: The identity to use for authentication when no explicit token is provided. Defaults to the current identity of the SDK (i.e. metaplex.identity()).
  • endpoint: The endpoint to use for contacting NFT.Storage. Defaults to
  • gatewayHost: The hostname of the NFT.Storage gateway to use. This enables us to use https:// references instead of the traditional ipfs:// protocol. Defaults to
  • useGatewayUrls: Whether to use the gateway hostname for asset URLs. Defaults to true.
  • batchSize: The number of assets to upload in a single batch. If the number of assets goes above this number, multiple calls to NFT.Storage will be executed sequentially. Defaults to 50.

Upload listener

NFT.Storage also allows us to listen to upload progress by accepting an optional event listener that will be called whenever a chunk of data is uploaded. These chunks weight around 10MB each. Here's an example of how to listener to this event using the JS SDK.

import { toMetaplexFileFromBrowser, getBytesFromMetaplexFiles } from "@metaplex-foundation/js";
import { nftStorage, NftStorageDriver } from "@metaplex-foundation/js-plugin-nft-storage";

const file = await toMetaplexFileFromBrowser(browserFile);
const fileBytes = getBytesFromMetaplexFiles(file);
let bytesUploaded = 0;

const driver = as NftStorageDriver;
driver.onProgress((size: number) => {
bytesUploaded += size;
console.log(`Uploaded ${bytesUploaded} bytes out of ${fileBytes} bytes`);



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