Type alias CandyGuard<T>

CandyGuard<T>: {
    model: "candyGuard";
    address: Pda;
    accountInfo: AccountInfo;
    baseAddress: PublicKey;
    authorityAddress: PublicKey;
    guards: T;
    groups: {
        label: string;
        guards: T;

Type Parameters

Type declaration

  • model: "candyGuard"
  • Readonly address: Pda

    The PDA address of the Candy Guard account.

  • Readonly accountInfo: AccountInfo

    Blockchain data of the Candy Guard account.

  • Readonly baseAddress: PublicKey

    The address used to derive the Candy Guard's PDA.

  • Readonly authorityAddress: PublicKey

    The address allowed to update the Candy Guard account

  • Readonly guards: T

    This object provides the settings for all guards in the Candy Guard.

    If a guard is set to null, it is disabled. Otherwise, it is enabled and the object contains the settings for that guard.

  • Readonly groups: {
        label: string;
        guards: T;

    This parameter allows us to create multiple minting groups that have their own set of requirements — i.e. guards.

    When groups are provided, the guards parameter becomes a set of default guards that will be applied to all groups. If a specific group enables a guard that is also present in the default guards, the group's guard will override the default guard.

    Each group functions the same way as the guards parameter, where a guard is enabled if and only if it is not null.

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