Type alias AuctionHouse

AuctionHouse: {
    model: "auctionHouse";
    address: Pda;
    creatorAddress: PublicKey;
    authorityAddress: PublicKey;
    treasuryMint: Mint;
    feeAccountAddress: Pda;
    treasuryAccountAddress: Pda;
    feeWithdrawalDestinationAddress: PublicKey;
    treasuryWithdrawalDestinationAddress: PublicKey;
    sellerFeeBasisPoints: number;
    requiresSignOff: boolean;
    canChangeSalePrice: boolean;
    isNative: boolean;
    scopes: AuthorityScope[];
    hasAuctioneer: boolean;

Type declaration

  • model: "auctionHouse"

    A model identifier to distinguish models in the SDK.

  • address: Pda

    The address of the Auction House.

  • creatorAddress: PublicKey

    The address of the Auction House creator.

  • authorityAddress: PublicKey

    The address of the authority that is allowed to manage this Auction House.

  • treasuryMint: Mint

    The address of the Auction House treasury mint. The token you accept as the purchase currency. By default Auction House uses the WRAPPED_SOL_MINT treasury mint.

  • feeAccountAddress: Pda

    The account that used to pay the fees for selling and buying.

  • treasuryAccountAddress: Pda

    The account that receives the AuctionHouse fees.

  • feeWithdrawalDestinationAddress: PublicKey

    The account that is marked as a destination of withdrawal from the fee account.

  • treasuryWithdrawalDestinationAddress: PublicKey

    The account that is marked as a destination of withdrawal from the treasury account.

  • sellerFeeBasisPoints: number

    The share of the sale the auction house takes on all NFTs as a fee.

  • requiresSignOff: boolean

    This allows the centralised authority to gate which NFT can be listed, bought and sold.

  • canChangeSalePrice: boolean

    Is intended to be used with the Auction House that requires sign off. If the seller intentionally lists their NFT for a price of 0, a new FreeSellerTradeState is made. The Auction House can then change the price to match a matching Bid that is greater than 0.

  • isNative: boolean

    If this is true, then it means that Auction House accepts SOL as the purchase currency. In other case, different SPL token is set as the purchase currency.

  • scopes: AuthorityScope[]

    The list of scopes available to the user in the Auction House. For example Bid, List, Execute Sale.

  • hasAuctioneer: boolean

    This Auction House doesn't have Auctioneer.

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