Type alias AllowListGuardRouteSettings

AllowListGuardRouteSettings: {
    path: "proof";
    merkleProof: Uint8Array[];

The settings for the allowList guard that should be provided when accessing the guard's special "route" instruction.


The proof path allows you to provide a Merkle Proof for a specific wallet in order to allow minting for that wallet. This will create a small PDA account on the Program as a proof that the wallet has been allowed to mint.

await metaplex.candyMachines().callGuardRoute({
guard: 'allowList',
settings: {
path: 'proof',
merkleProof: getMerkleProof(allowedWallets, metaplex.identity().publicKey.toBase58()),

// You are now allows to mint with this wallet.


AllowListGuardSettings for more information on the allowList guard itself.

Type declaration

  • path: "proof"

    Selects the path to execute in the route instruction.

  • merkleProof: Uint8Array[]

    The Proof that the minting wallet is part of the Merkle Tree-based allow list. You may use the getMerkleProof helper function to generate this.

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