Type alias OperationOptions

OperationOptions: {
    payer?: Signer;
    commitment?: Commitment;
    confirmOptions?: ConfirmOptions;
    programs?: Program[];
    signal?: AbortSignal;

Type declaration

  • Optional payer?: Signer

    The wallet that should pay for transaction fees and, potentially, rent-exempt fees to create accounts.

    Defaults to the default fee payer of the RPC module which, itself, defaults to the current identity.

    You may set this option globally by calling metaplex.rpc.setDefaultFeePayer(payer).

    Default Value


  • Optional commitment?: Commitment

    The level of commitment desired when querying the state of the blockchain.

    Default Value

    Defaults to undefined which will use the commitment level set on the Connection object.

  • Optional confirmOptions?: ConfirmOptions

    Options for confirming transactions as defined by the Solana web3.js library.

    Default Value

    if thecommitmentoption is set, otherwise{}`.

  • Optional programs?: Program[]

    An optional set of programs that override the registered ones.

    You may set this option globally by calling metaplex.programs().register(programs).

    Default Value


  • Optional signal?: AbortSignal

    An abort signal that can be used to cancel the operation should that operation support it.


    // Creates an AbortController that aborts in one second.
    const abortController = new AbortController();
    setTimeout(() => abortController.abort(), 1000);

    // Use the AbortController's signal to cancel the operation after one second.
    await metaplex.nfts().findByMint(input, { signal: abortController.signal });

    Default Value

    Defaults to not using an abort signal.

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