Type alias CreateCandyGuardInput<T>

CreateCandyGuardInput<T>: {
    guards: Partial<T>;
    base?: Signer;
    authority?: PublicKey;
    groups?: {
        label: string;
        guards: Partial<T>;

Type Parameters

Type declaration

  • guards: Partial<T>

    The settings of all guards we wish to activate.

    Any guard not provided or set to null will be disabled.

  • Optional base?: Signer

    The "base" address of the Candy Guard to create as a Signer.

    This address will be deterministically derived to obtain the real address of the Candy Guard account. It expects a brand new Keypair such that its derived address has no associated account.

    Default Value


  • Optional authority?: PublicKey

    The authority that will be allowed to update the Candy Guard.

    Default Value


  • Optional groups?: {
        label: string;
        guards: Partial<T>;

    This parameter allows us to create multiple minting groups that have their own set of requirements — i.e. guards.

    When groups are provided, the guards parameter becomes a set of default guards that will be applied to all groups. If a specific group enables a guard that is also present in the default guards, the group's guard will override the default guard.

    For each group, any guard not provided or set to null will be disabled.

    Default Value


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