Type alias CreateCandyMachineV2Output

CreateCandyMachineV2Output: {
    response: SendAndConfirmTransactionResponse;
    candyMachine: CandyMachineV2;
    candyMachineSigner: Signer;
    wallet: PublicKey;
    authority: PublicKey;
    creators: Creator[];

Type declaration

  • response: SendAndConfirmTransactionResponse

    The blockchain response from sending and confirming the transaction.

  • candyMachine: CandyMachineV2

    The created Candy Machine.

  • candyMachineSigner: Signer

    The create Candy Machine's account as a Signer.

  • wallet: PublicKey

    The created Candy Machine's wallet.

  • authority: PublicKey

    The created Candy Machine's authority.

  • creators: Creator[]

    The created Candy Machine's creators.

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