Type alias InsertItemsToCandyMachineV2Input

InsertItemsToCandyMachineV2Input: {
    candyMachine: Pick<CandyMachineV2, "itemsAvailable" | "itemsLoaded" | "address">;
    items: CandyMachineV2Item[];
    authority?: Signer;
    index?: BigNumber;

Type declaration

  • candyMachine: Pick<CandyMachineV2, "itemsAvailable" | "itemsLoaded" | "address">

    The Candy Machine to insert items into.

    We only need a subset of the CandyMachine model. We need its address and the number of items loaded and to be loaded so we can check if the operation is valid.

  • items: CandyMachineV2Item[]

    The items to insert into the candy machine.

  • Optional authority?: Signer

    The Signer authorized to update the candy machine.

    Default Value


  • Optional index?: BigNumber

    The index we should use to insert the new items. This refers to the index of the first item to insert and the others will follow after it.

    By defaults, this uses the itemsLoaded property so items are simply appended to the current items.

    Default Value


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