Type alias GatekeeperGuardSettings

GatekeeperGuardSettings: {
    network: PublicKey;
    expireOnUse: boolean;

The gatekeeper guard checks whether the minting wallet has a valid Gateway Token from a specified Gateway Network.

In most cases, this token will be obtain after completing a captcha challenge but any Gateway Network may be used.

This object defines the settings that should be provided when creating and/or updating a Candy Machine if you wish to enable this guard.


GatekeeperGuardMintSettings for more information on the mint settings of this guard.

Type declaration

  • network: PublicKey

    The public key of the Gatekeeper Network that will be used to check the validity of the minting wallet.

    For instance, you may use the "Civic Captcha Pass" Network, which ensures the minting wallet has passed a captcha, by using the following address: ignREusXmGrscGNUesoU9mxfds9AiYTezUKex2PsZV6.

  • expireOnUse: boolean

    Whether we should mark the Gateway Token of the minting wallet as expired after the NFT has been minting.

    When set to true, they will need to go through the Gatekeeper Network again in order to mint another NFT.

    When set to false, they will be able to mint another NFT until the Gateway Token expires naturally.

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