Type alias BotTaxGuardSettings

BotTaxGuardSettings: {
    lamports: SolAmount;
    lastInstruction: boolean;

The botTax guard charges a penalty for invalid transactions in order to discourage bots from attempting to mint NFTs.

This bot tax works in combinaison with other guards and will trigger whenever a minting wallet attempts to mint an NFT such that other guards would have rejected the mint.

For example, if you have a startDate guard and a botTax guard, anyone trying to mint before the defined start date will be charged the bot tax instead of receiving a specific startDate error.

This object defines the settings that should be provided when creating and/or updating a Candy Machine if you wish to enable this guard.

Type declaration

  • lamports: SolAmount

    The amount in SOL to charge for an invalid transaction.

  • lastInstruction: boolean

    Whether or not we should charge the bot tax when a mint instruction is not the last instruction of the transaction.

    This is useful if you want to prevent bots from adding extra instructions after minting to detect if a bot tax was charged and, in this case, throw an error to make the transaction fail and avoid the bot tax.

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