Type alias NftPaymentGuardSettings

NftPaymentGuardSettings: {
    requiredCollection: PublicKey;
    destination: PublicKey;

The nftPayment guard allows minting by charging the payer an NFT from a specified NFT collection. The NFT will be transfered to a predefined destination.

This means the mint address of the NFT to transfer must be passed when minting. This guard alone does not limit how many times a holder can mint. A holder can mint as many times as they have NFTs from the required collection to pay with.

This object defines the settings that should be provided when creating and/or updating a Candy Machine if you wish to enable this guard.


NftPaymentGuardMintSettings for more information on the mint settings of this guard.

Type declaration

  • requiredCollection: PublicKey

    The mint address of the required NFT Collection.

  • destination: PublicKey

    The address of the account to send the NFTs to.

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