Type alias FreezeSolPaymentGuardSettings

FreezeSolPaymentGuardSettings: {
    amount: SolAmount;
    destination: PublicKey;

The freezeSolPayment guard allows minting frozen NFTs by charging the payer an amount in SOL. Frozen NFTs cannot be transferred or listed on any marketplaces until thawed.

The funds are transferred to a freeze escrow until all NFTs are thaw, at which point, they can be transferred (unlocked) to the configured destination account.

This object defines the settings that should be provided when creating and/or updating a Candy Machine if you wish to enable this guard.


FreezeSolPaymentGuardRouteSettings to learn more about the instructions that can be executed against this guard.

Type declaration

  • amount: SolAmount

    The amount in SOL to charge for.

  • destination: PublicKey

    The configured destination address to send the funds to.

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